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Amy Update

So, here I am...again, after being "missing" for so long. But, hey I am a college student and have been crazy busy. I have lots to catch you all up on. I hope I don't forget anything good.

Here it goes:

I am sitting in class one morning and all of a sudden one of the program staff came into my classroom and asked me to to come with them. You all know about my anxiety so you can imagine what was going on in my head. I really thought I was getting pulled from the program. Forget that there was absolutely no reason for that to happen, but that is how I saw it. I was terrified. The reason for this was that another teacher had submitted a press release about ME trying to spread awareness, not only about 22q11, but about my college program too. The program was contacted by a local TV station and they wanted to interview ME!!! I literally almost passed out! I could not believe it and all of a sudden I couldn't think of anything to say. Once the reporter came it was easier. She just asked questions and I answered them. It was like I was dreaming. A really awesome experience. I hope there are more to come!!

The spring semester at CEP was so hectic for me. We were rushing to prepare for our finals, which, thankfully, I did very well with. Once classes were over we were all ready for some FUN!

We had our semi-formal, a "retro-themed" dance. We could choose from any time we wanted. I chose the 80's. Hey, I grew up watching "Full House" and loved the clothes and big hair. I had something for my blog written about the dance but never posted it. Check out my next post to read all about it...

Meet Amy 

Hi, my name is Amy. Join me on my adventures as a daughter, sister, friend, student, teenager, and individual with Deletion 22 (DiGeorge Syndrome)

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