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Semi-Formal: Then and Now

It has been one year since I was an incoming freshman to this awesome program. I remember going to the semi-formal - not really knowing too many people but being so excited and very nervous. It was going to be the beginning of a BIG change for me. The dance did make me feel like something changed. I had always wanted to fit in with everybody else and now it was like my wish was coming true.

Now, I am attending this same dance but I am not the same person. I would have NEVER come to a "themed" event and been so over the top(see picture) - as a matter of fact, hardly anybody got dressed "retro" and you know what? I didn't care! The "old Amy" would have been hiding in the bathroom, probably crying. One year later equals so much more courage. It was great to meet the new freshman and to see other people that have already graduated from the program. I was sure to be welcoming to the new students because I remembered how great everybody was to me when I was new and it brought back all the excitement of starting another chapter in my life.

My favorite part about the semi-formal was that I got to go with my new boyfriend. He is incredible. He makes me feel typical - I don't dwell on "what's wrong" with me when I am with him. He has been such a positive influence on me. We danced the entire time and our hip hop class got to perform for everyone at one point. The old Amy would NEVER get up and perform in front of anyone. That is why this program is so great - it gives you skills, hope and confidence!

The first time I saw Jordan was at my orientation over a year ago. Honestly, I noticed him because he is so handsome but at the time I was overwhelmed by the amount of people in the room and by all the information the staff was giving us. I was not thinking about boys - I was thinking there is no way I can handle this (program). When orientation was over I was talking with a few other students. I actually went to where Jordan was sitting and said "hi" but he was really shy. I did notice almost all of the girls were around him. I was hoping to see him at the dance but he didn't show. Once classes started we saw each other in the few classes we had together. We were friendly. Nothing more.

Well, as I was noticing Jordan, I found out he had been noticing me too. Our friend told me that he had a conversation with her about me. I didn't believe her. She showed me the texted conversation. The next day I asked him if he wanted my number. He smiled and told me he already had it. We started talking more and more and then he invited me to a jazz concert. It was a great night and he asked me what I thought about him and I being in a relationship. "what?" I asked him to repeat it because I could not believe it. I didn't answer him that night. He told me "no pressure", think about it. When I went back to my apartment that night all I could do was THINK about HIM! He is tall with eyes as blue as the caribbean ocean.

The next day right before class I pulled him outside and told him I thought about it and I wanted to be a "couple". He was so happy. I have had a few boyfriends but nothing like this. The others were more like friends. I realize this now because I have NEVER felt like this with anyone before. I feel like I am in a movie. I never have to worry about feeling stupid or saying the wrong thing. He gets me. He thinks I am funny. This is the first guy I have ever been real with. He says we are a team.

This summer we have had opportunities to hang out during our Summer I and Summer II sessions. I took alot of day trips with my classmates. We went to Saratoga Race Track, horseback riding, spent the day at Lake George and the Botanical Gardens in Massachusetts. My favorite trip was to a baseball game at Yankee Stadium. We also have alot of time to do our own thing. Jordan and I have been going to the River View in downtown Albany - our favorite place - Last time we were there it was perfect. We didn't expect it but there were jugglers and fire dancers to watch. It was so much fun!

Well, now it's that time of year where seniors (that's me!) move out of their freshman assigned houses or apartments and get new roommates. That made me sad because on August 17th, 2015, I was assigned an apartment with a stranger who quickly became my best friend.I truly think of her as a sister. She helps me out so much and puts up with all of my crap that I could never thank her enough. We didn't want to switch roomies because we are so much alike and have really gotten into a routine in our daily lives. Lauren and I were upset that we might not be together for our last year. Well Thank God we were lucky enough to still be roommates but we are also going to be staying in the same apartment! We are the only ones in the program not to have to move or get used to someone new. High five, Lauren! My boyfriend had to move as well. Guess where? He moved into our house and will be living in the apartment right across the hall!! Can you believe that! (so happy!)

My summer is almost over and I will be doing a paid internship at an Albany hotel in the fall. I am excited to be working again - I didn't think I would miss work but I do. I will need to learn a new bus route to get there, I will need to learn about the job itself... I am sure that will be challenging but I am up for it. Senior year has less classroom time but more real world experience. I am a little anxious about a new routine but I am also excited.

The College Experience has given me so many opportunities this past year. I am looking forward to a successful Senior Year. Life is good right now.

Hopefully, my next post will be up sooner than later.

***check out Jordan's blog:

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