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My name is Amy , I am in my twenties. I was diagnosed with a genetic disorder called Deletion 22  (also called DiGeorge Syndrome or Velocardiofacial Syndrome) when I was 10. This deletion affects my learning abilities. None of my doctors, teachers or even my family had ever heard of Deletion 22 .  I am the only student in my school,  and the only patient of my doctors with this disorder.  That being said, I feel very alone in the world at times.  This is why I am grateful for my supportive family and my small group of friends.


In a lot of ways I am just like other girls my age, but for each similarity there are just as many differences.  For example... I love to talk about guys, shop for clothes, get my nails done, and listen to music. I would NEVER have the nerve to walk up to a cute guy and start a conversation, I lack the confidence to wear certain clothes, I've never been to a club.  I think my differences are because I am very self-conscious and have social anxiety because of my learning problems.  The weird part is that a lot of people who I meet tell me they would never have guessed that I have any kind of disability.  I take that as a compliment, but at the same time, looking average causes other issues for me.  I feel like people wonder why I say things that I do, or why I  overreact to certain situations.  Maybe if they could "wear my shoes" for a day, they would understand and not judge me. 


Thank God I have my two awesome sisters.  I feel like they really keep me connected with the world around me and they always treat me and friends like everyone else.  (Not everyone does, you know.) 


My hope for this site is that it will be a place, not only for me to make connections, but for others, whether they  have a disability or not, to relate to.  I know I am not the only one to have crazy stuff happen to me,  but sometimes that's how I feel,  You know, like the time I was getting my eyebrows waxed, and the table I was on collapsed or the time I had a full on conversation with a lady I thought was someone I knew - she thought I was nuts! Things like that.  Thank God I can laugh at myself and this is where I can share some of my experiences...Some of them are pretty funny, others are things that have hurt my feelings, but I hope by re-telling them will make someone say, "wow, that's happened to me...."


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Amy's Story

This website was inspired by and created in memory of my Uncle Pete. 

"Scooby Doo" 

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