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Work place nightmares 2015 to 2020

So I wanted to share some workplace "nightmares" I have experienced over the past few years. These job placements have given me a real appreciation for the job I have now, especially my current co-workers.

I guess it is true that you need to have all sorts of experiences before you "land" where you are supposed to be. Believe me - I never thought in a million years I would like my current job - you never really know until you try. 

I have had quite a few jobs so this is in no particular order:

When working with someone to find a job they asked me about my strengths and weaknesses - pretty basic stuff, then I was asked what I "like".

Well, I love interacting with people, I love going away on vacation. 

We decided to try "hospitality" - which means a hotel. 

This was very early on in my work experience. 

I worked at a hotel in downtown Albany. Early shift - I was hired for food prep and maintaining a clean area for the "complimentary breakfast".

Besides having to get a bus and get there super early, it was OK. I thought my co-workers were decent people and I didn't mind the work. 

It was kinda sketchy when people who weren't staying there would sneak in and grab food, that made me uncomfortable. I am not gonna get "killed" because someone came and took a bagel! I minded my own business. 

I had that job for a few months, I developed a comfortable routine until I started being harassed by a male co-worker. He was being very inappropriate with me. I finally complained and then I was told that things were slow and they didn't need as much staff - basically they told me to get lost because someone was behaving badly towards me. 

The next hotel I worked at was also downtown. While no one there sexually harassed me, my supervisor had zero patience for me. I need a lot of repetition and I know that it annoyed her. Her attitude towards me made me nervous - very nervous...

What happens when someone is watching you like a hawk, criticizing you and making you unsure of everything you do? You screw up! I did have a job coach but I don't remember them being with me too often at this placement.

(a job coach helps you fall into a routine at work, helping you learn tasks, when you are comfortable and your boss thinks you can handle things on your own - they let you "fly solo")

One day this particular supervisor called me into a hallway outside of an office.  ( and out of view of any cameras, convenient, huh?) *remember that part later -

All of a sudden she whips out a can of Febreze air freshener and SPRAYS me with it!!! I was shocked, confused and embarrassed! WTF was that about?! 

She said there was an "offensive" odor and she thought it was me! 

I was so upset - I called my job coach, who immediately came to pick me up. I never went back there again - I know my coach spoke to someone at this hotel and they were going to look into this - Well, wouldn't you know the supervisor denied this and the hotel had no "proof", nothing on camera- 

When I told my parents about this and they saw how devastated I was, they wanted this woman and the hotel to be held accountable. 

They called my attorney. (yes, yes, at that young age I had an attorney, and still do.) She helped my parents while they filed guardianship over me. I will always need help figuring out my money and want my family to be able to help me with my medical decisions. I also never wanted to end up in a group home if something happens to them. While my attorney was absolutely disgusted with what took place, she explained that without "proof" it would be hard to continue a case and that it would probably be too overwhelming for me to have to go to court and go through everything involved. Another reason was also that this hotel chain was so big that nothing would be resolved. I don't want to say the name but it rhymes with "Milton".... 

My work experience at this hotel was the worst. I decided that "hospitality" was not for me. I was back to looking for work. 

So.... Back to "training"/job placement for me!

The woman who was in charge of helping me find a job was totally annoyed at me for my lack of success at the last hotel placement. Excuse me? You work with people- who have disabilities- find a job and you "don't know what to do with me???" You're annoyed? Hmmm.... interesting....

She actually told me that she didn't think I was capable of working with people!

If you know me, you know that I am very social and love to be around people. I enjoy meeting new people everyday - I love having conversations or helping someone out. 

After hearing her opinion of me I really didn't want to work with her anymore. I was convinced that I would never find a job that I could handle on my own or a job that I would actually be happy at. This was not great for my depression and anxiety.

My job coach and I decided we would take care of my job search on our own. 

We started to focus on daycares. I had worked at a daycare before and after I graduated high school. It was familiar to me, and I already knew what would be expected of me. Even though I wanted to try "new things", it seemed to be the most "comfortable " choice for me. I needed to work to continue living independently. I wanted to keep my apartment and knew that I had to do whatever I could to make money to pay for the rent.

I wound up working at the YMCA after school program. I was an assistant. It took a while for me to get the routine down, but it turned out to be a great job.Things went well and over the summer school break I would work at the YMCA camp.

I met a few people there that I became very good friends with.  It has been a few years since I worked there (thanks COVID), and I am still friends with a few of them today. It is great to have co-workers who become real friends.

I would have stayed there forever but due to the 2020 shut down, I would be looking for a new job again. 

To be continued.......


Meet Amy 

Hi, my name is Amy. Join me on my adventures as a daughter, sister, friend, student, teenager, and individual with Deletion 22 (DiGeorge Syndrome)

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