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Awkward Moments

The other day at the Day Care I overheard one of my co-workers talking to a speech pathologist who comes in for the kids. They were discussing something about Special Ed.

I walked up to the two of them in the middle of their conversation, because I thought I might have something to share, being I was in Special Ed. and I did speak at a TED conference on the subject…My co-worker was saying how she would like to get into special ed (as a teacher). I chimed in, “Iwas in Special Ed..” The speech pathologist turned to me and asked, “ what was your Masters Degree in?” I had no idea what she was talking about. The term was familiar because my sister is working on her Masters right now. I just looked at her.

My co-worker, a little embarrassed forthe speech pathologist, answered “No, she was a student in Special Ed.”.

Meet Amy 

Hi, my name is Amy. Join me on my adventures as a daughter, sister, friend, student, teenager, and individual with Deletion 22 (DiGeorge Syndrome)

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